Located along Esplanade Ridge in New Orleans, the Dumaine St. house is a classic shotgun double that lived many lives over its 120+ years.   After years as a rental, with countless layers of paint, floorings, and ceilings, we uncovered the original structure - high ceilings, transoms and woodwork. While all interiors were updated with new electrical plumbing and layout, the rooms were designed with bathrooms and kitchens that reflect the period of the house.

Builder's Box

Like many houses in the Houston Heights, The Builder's Box house was a new builder grade "box" thrown up on a subdivided lot in an attempt to cash in on the area's booming real estate market.  Little attention was paid to the design or details, leaving it languishing on the market.  We removed many of the trendy and inconsistent details, layering in richer colors and textures to accentuate the house's space and bring in much needed warmth and character.   


The Tulane House was a new build in need of some warmth and personality.  Architecturally the house was like many built around it - a current interpretation of classic New Orleans design.  The challenge was in creating a warm and distinctive take on this beautiful, but cookie cutter house to create an inviting and unique home.      

Coming Soon . . . Muriel's House

Muriel's House was a custom built home, thoughtfully designed by its original homeowner to her exact specifications and needs.  And it served her well through out the rest of her life.  As we re-imagine her home for its next generation, the focus is on keeping her thoughtful choices - cypress cabinetry, an open flow designed for entertaining, and warm colors - while bringing in even more classic features to make the house as special as she envisioned it 40 years ago.  Check back soon for updates on Muriel's House.